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Garage Screen Specials



Into a New Room With A Motorized Climate Garage Screen

Create a bug & critter free space for you and your friends to hangout in year-round. Perfect for watching sports games, poker nights, and more.
Create your own critter & bug free gym! Workout while enjoying a cool fresh air & breeze. Open 24 hours a day year-round. No membership needed!
Create a safe, bug & critter free environment for your little ones to enjoy. Certain mesh types will provide extra protection against harmful UV rays.
Create your workshop that provides protection from bugs & critters, a fresh breeze, and ventilation from any toxic materials you’re working with.

Size & Mounting

Measures & Custom built - Motorized screens can be recessed or surface mounted. Fitting openings up to 40 ft. wide.

Match your Decor

The variety of standard color options match most homes color schemes. And with our color match program and wood grain finishes, we can guarantee a perfect match.

Controls & Automation

Multi-channel remotes allow for the control of one or multiples units. Giving you the ability to deploy & retract your screens simultaneously with one touch of the button.

Control Your Space

With the options of fabrics, mesh, & vinyl - your motorized retractable can provide protection against insects, solar heat control, and privacy.

Slidebar & Tracks

Custom weighted slidbars are guided down parallel tracks on each side of your opening to create a secure seal and taught screen once deployed.

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